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3 Best Places to Buy Cryptocurrency

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3 Best Places to Buy Cryptocurrency

After 12 years in the financial industry, extensive reviews and know-how we are happy to present the best places to buy cryptocurrency.

Focus and Key Points

In our research we mainly focused on 3 parameters for choosing the best places to buy cryptocurrencyy:

  • How trusted is the exchange;
  • Fast and easy transaction;
  • Future purposes: trading, investing, DeFi, supported instruments, services, and more.


Best Places to Buy Cryptocurrency

The List: best places to buy cryptocurrencies

  1. Skilling 9.8
    Trust: Regulated, Experienced, good online reviews.
    Fast & Easy:  We managed to buy BTC in 5 minutes.
    Other: Over 800+ instruments to trade on, NFTs, Sports Tokens (new).
    Visit Skilling
  2. Markets 9.6
    Trust: Multi-Regulated, Veteran, rebranded.
    Fast & Easy:  Quick buy on BTC CFD.
    Other: Over 800+ instruments to trade on, NFTs, Sports Tokens (new).
    Visit Markets
  3. Investous 9
    Trust: Regulated, IFCS licensed.
    Fast & Easy:  quick and easy CFD on cryptocurrency purchase.
    Other: Multiplatform trading, AI newsdesk.
    Visit Investous

OK, So Why is Skilling First?

We have opened our own trading account at Skilling 3 years ago; made transactions; downloaded their app and experienced the trading interface.

During our trading time, we never had issues that weren’t addressed or answered.

We bought and traded on cryptocurrencies and further on exposed to Fan Tokens we found interesting.


Markets 2nd

Yes, but not far behind.

We loved the new rebranding and the multiple regulation Markets have.

There is no issue with trust and the platforms are similar to what we know from the other brokers.

Buying CFD on Bitcoin is easy and we enjoyed using  leverage on trading strategies on MT4.

If you prefer the new interface you can really choose Markets.com as your favorite  platform to trade on.


And Investous

Regarding the fast experience, Investous is using the same trading interfaces her competitors do: similar MT4 and webtrader platforms to carry your trading orders fast and accurate.

We also loved the new AI news desk and the signal providing tool.

Yet, it’s competitors got an edge in being more time in the industry, faster executions and reputation.


Why is it Important to choose the best places to buy cryptocurrency?

In short: trust and high risk instruments.

the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, subject to rapid changes and speculative movement.

Since your money is involved, it’s better to chose from the best places you want to invest your funds with.

By doing an extensive research, trial an error you can get your funds in the right place; or just by reading this article.

The Advantages of Buying Cryptocurrency With a Broker

Buying cryptocurrency using a broker interface gives you several advantages

  1. There is no transactional fee on buying and selling;
  2. You are reassured on the purchase by using a trusted regulated place you buy from;
  3. Fast and secure purchase.

Cryptocurrency purchase can be a little bit complicated to a beginner as it requires some know how’s, research and understanding on how to buy cryptocurrencies.

By opening a trading account with a broker, buying a cryptocurrency is basically like buying any other instrument: like Tesla, Apple or Facebook stocks.

The broker’s interface allows you to buy any instrument, crypto or stocks, with easy orders which are the same for both.

The Next Step

For buying a new cryptocurrency we strongly advise to understand that it is a very volatile instrument to invest in.

Prices of any cryptocurrency, from Bitcoin to the very least traded altcoin, can bring high and lows in any portfolio.

So, the next step is to understand what are you willing to invest, after doing your research.

Then by reading this article choose and research the best broker for you to trade with.

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