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Crypto YouTuber and Top Crypto Influencers in 2023

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As a newcomer to the cryptocurrency market, it is vital to first gain an overview of current market occurrences before diving into the issue. On the one hand, this knowledge may be accessed in the traditional manner via expert literature or numerous websites, but social networks are also gradually becoming prominent in this context. Here, so-called Crypto YouTuber reports on current developments in the cryptocurrency sector. You may discover various educational and recommendable crypto YouTube channels.

Crypto YouTuber

Top 10 Crypto Youtubers

1. Jacob Crypto Bury

The Jacob Crypto Bury channel contains information on general crypto news, Bitcoin, and other currencies. He pledges to enlighten his followers in a truthful and non-clickbait manner, and he wants to bring his crypto analyses closer to you. He has been asking people to be a part of his YouTube adventure on his channel since 2017.

2. Ben Armstrong: Bitboy Crypto

Ben Armstrong’s Bitboy Crypto channel has about 1.45 million followers, making him one of the world’s biggest crypto YouTubers. The crypto influencer has also amassed a sizable following on Twitter.

In addition to traditional assessments, the Bitboy Crypto channel provides its fans with a wealth of background material and technical features that enable them to dive further into crypto-matter. Unlike some other major crypto YouTubers, Ben Armstrong exposes less of his personal lifestyle and does not boast about luxurious houses/cars, but instead focuses on enlightening his viewers and providing the best possible analysis.

3. Crypto Influencer – Christopher Jaszczynski: MMCrypto

Christopher Jaszczynski provides another channel that concentrates on self-promotion and displaying one’s own posh lifestyle. The crypto YouTuber, who grew up in Germany, enjoys showing himself on his channel, MMCrypto, in addition to crypto charts and analyses. He has established one or more successful brands as well as a few social media personas.

4. Anup Dhungana: Crypto Anup

If you don’t want to be bombarded with lifestyle advertising and self-promotion, Anup Dhungana’s Crypto Anup channel is a fantastic place to start. Here, you may discover extensive analyses of different cryptocurrency charts. Nonetheless, the top 100 market leaders, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are also covered.

The Crypto YouTuber began his social media platforms in 2020 and has amassed a following of around 80,000 followers. The cryptocurrency influencer can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.

5. Davinci Jeremie: Davincij15

Davinci Jeremie, a crypto YouTuber, is an almost old hand in the field. Since 2013, he has been offering tips on how to acquire Bitcoin cheaply on his YouTube channel, Davincij15. Since then, the Bitcoin price has increased by around 3,199,900%, which should have provided the crypto influencer with many millions in his account.

The Davincij15 channel on YouTube has over 340,000 followers and provides a traditional, technical examination of the charts. Davinci showcases Jeremie on various platforms, such as Instagram, but also provides insight into his family life and lavish lifestyle.

6. Nicholas Merten: DataDash

The crypto influencer initially became aware of this issue when Bitcoin was still worth three dollars, but he waited too long and lost out on investing.

After a few diversions and dealing with different political concerns, Nicholas Merten, better known as DataDash on YouTube, realized he had made a mistake and joined the realm of the cryptocurrency market. This is when the crypto influencer discovered his love, and he now shares his expertise on cryptocurrency and other subjects with his DataDash channel subscribers.

7. Dr. Julian Hosp

Dr. Julian Hosp, on his YouTube channel of the same name, hopes to reach 1 billion people by 2025 and bring them closer to the issue of blockchain. The crypto YouTuber covers a broad range of difficult things in layman’s terms and exposes his audience to this complex world as simply as possible.

8. Crypto YouTuber: Block trainer

If you’re searching for a German crypto YouTube channel, check out Blocktrainer. Many issues in the crypto realm, such as blockchain and decentralization, are brought closer and discussed in a comprehensible manner here.

Fans may also find accurate, educational videos and postings on the German Crypto YouTube channel’s website, as well as on numerous social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

9. Crypto Banter

If you like live-streaming, you should certainly check out the “Crypto Banter” channel. This is one of the first cryptocurrency YouTuber channels to broadcast live, bringing viewers a bit closer to the channel’s methods.

Here you can also get involved live with comments and follow the reporting interactively and exchange ideas with other interested parties and the operators of the channel in real time.

10. Carl Runefelt: The Moon

Crypto YouTubers may be found all over the world, in various nations. Carl Runefelt, a Swedish influencer, has constructed one of the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency YouTube channels. On numerous social media networks, the crypto influencer posts information and news on cryptocurrencies under the channel name “The Moon.”

Carl Runefelt also discusses his personal life narrative in this section. Since the now-famous crypto YouTuber comes from humble beginnings and wants to demonstrate to his fans that by following their own objectives in a disciplined way, practically anybody can become successful and, in his perspective, a multimillionaire. He views himself as the finest example here. Its material is a blend of fun and factual insight.

What are Crypto YouTuber and Crypto Influencers?

Crypto Influencers, or Crypto YouTubers, are YouTube channels that provide information on current events and analyses in the realm of cryptocurrency. Yet, the crypto influencers concentrate on diverse themes within these various platforms. Several channels exist that provide concise, factual analyses of various cryptocurrencies and their price projections. These channels concentrate on the data and do not reveal much of their personal lives.

Several of these crypto YouTubers also do not reveal their faces in their broadcasts, instead using a voice-over and solely presenting charts. These crypto influencers provide their audience with competent, detailed analysis of current trends and trade chances.

In contrast, an increasing number of crypto YouTubers place a premium on demonstrating to their subscribers what kind of lifestyle they can attain by trading and investing in cryptocurrency. Successful crypto influencers, for example, display trips, luxury real estate, or expensive automobiles in their broadcasts.

Hence, the analyses and predictions are interwoven with video snippets from the crypto YouTubers’ everyday lives, providing viewers with an amusing and exciting film. Nevertheless, the analysis falls short at times, and the shorter movies provide a speedier source of information in this respect.

Can Crypto YouTuber be Trusted?

There are a few variables to consider when it comes to the dependability of a crypto YouTuber. Always bear in mind that these are the crypto influencers’ own opinions. In this case, one should depend on well-known and experienced channels to reduce the danger of a misleading statement and, hence, a failed investment. But they are always only estimates, and it does not have to be the way it was or even to the degree expected, so you should always seek many perspectives on this. There are also significant disparities among the crypto influencers.

There are black sheep among the channels, as there are in other fields, and many lose sight of their initial aim in favor of profit. The dramatic and passionate story of the crypto influencers, for example, provides the idea that their counsel should be followed immediately. Influencers instill the so-called “FOMO (fear of missing out),” causing their followers to feel as though they are losing out if they do not invest or instantly follow the advice of the purported expert.

Fear of missing out on a good offer causes hasty, often rash behavior, which may rapidly go wrong and end in monetary loss. In addition, many cryptocurrency YouTubers include numerous links in their video descriptions that allow them to make money. There were always dangerous suggestions that resulted in followers losing money.


Tips and tricks for dealing with content of crypto YouTuber!

In general, you should never hurry anything and constantly seek other viewpoints to prevent making bad judgments. It is also essential to learn more about the individual behind the YouTube channel, including any prior activities or their CV, in order to determine how trustworthy and serious the channel is.

While seeking opinions, other media should be used first. You should also pay attention to how the relevant crypto YouTuber delivers his analysis. Channels that do not voice criticism or bring up potential hazards and dangers should be evaluated seriously.

The influencer’s profit might be in the spotlight here. Hence, rather than being attracted by the raunchy channels of certain lifestyle YouTubers, they should be considered as entertainment and relied on for important decisions.


Finally, don’t hurry into anything or get sucked in by lurid films. Crypto YouTubers provide fast and simple knowledge on several crypto issues.

Yet, you should constantly question what you’re looking at and who’s giving you this information. Thus, it’s always a good idea to seek a second opinion before making any important investments or choices, and not only because you’re afraid of making the incorrect choice.

If you watch these crypto YouTubers with these guidelines in mind, you will be provided with a good platform to educate yourself on the world of cryptocurrencies and other issues, as well as to dive further into this topic.