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Introducing our crypto app – get live updates on crypto prices, market caps and trends.

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Why Use a Crypto App in The First Place?

If you follow the bitcoin price, ethereum price, litecoin price then you probably need this.

We gathered the cryptocurrency prices in one app.

You can easily follow after any crypto price easily.


What’s in Our Crypto Soho’s App?

Well, much complementary information to the desktop’s version.

Keep track on

  • cryptocurrency prices.
  • Crypto market cap.
  • Lowest cap.
  • Bull change / Bear change.
  • Volume and alphabet.

crypto app


Knowing you need data to make a better investment decision, we give you useful info like price trends (you can see 1h, 24h & 7-day trends) market cap, rank, volume in 24h, available & total supply, genesis date and last updated. Analyze any of the cryptocurrencies with a simple tap and make smarter bitcoin trading decisions and bitcoin price prediction decisions.


Prices, Graphs, and Updates

When selecting a cryptocurrency from the list, you can immediately see its statistics on one compatible page.

The graph, price, volume and more.


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So, if You Want to Download Cryptosoho Prices App

Then here is a link to our google play store, just in case you want it on your mobile


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