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GameStop (GME) Stock Makes a Comeback

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GME Stock is Suddenly Making a Comeback

After losing a third of its value over the past five years, Gamestop stock is suddenly making a comeback. In late 2019 shorts controlled GME stock, creating the perfect environment for a massive short-squeeze rally. Ryan Cohen joined the GME board, and the stock is now in the S&P Midcap 400. Investors are starting to realize the potential of this company as it makes investments in the energy sector.

The recent rally in GameStop (GME) shares is a great sign for investors. The stock has soared 1,000 percent so far this year. This is an impressive return for a modest $10,000 investment. Traders should take note of its high RS Rating: at the time of writing, the GME stock’s RS Rating is 99. The higher the RS score, the stronger the stock is relative to other stocks.

Gamestop Stock

GameStop stock is a good example of this phenomenon. Retail investors have pushed the stock’s share price higher from $17 in early January to over $330 yesterday, while many brokers blocked retail traders. The game-store retailer’s stock has exposed the inadequacies of the traditional market settlement process. And, because of its success, investors are increasingly turning to non-traditional investors for help.

There’s a strong chance that the GameStop (GME) stock will continue to move higher in the coming weeks. The savvy investor will choose a stock that has been consolidating for a few weeks and has a chance to become a sustainable winner. However, the GME stock remains a speculative play for those with a limited risk appetite. While GME stock remains a gambler’s choice, support at the 10-week line makes it a good speculative play. Moreover, swing trading is a strategy based on quick gains and low losses. Proper position size and proper exit strategy can lead to a spectacular performance.

The GameStop stock has been on a roll since late January. Its IPO helped kick off a profitable “short squeeze” rally in early 2021. But despite the short squeeze, the stock has been a fantastic year for investors. Its share price has more than tripled this year, meaning that a $10,000 investment in GME stock has increased to $113,174. You may have a similar experience with GME. You can learn more about swing trading by reading this article.

In swing trading, investors seek to gain quick gains by keeping their losses small. If the stock is consolidating, a savvy trader will find it appealing and make a profit without sacrificing too much capital. But GME stock still remains a gambler’s stock. In this situation, it’s better to invest in a more diversified stock that is more profitable and demonstrates superior financial management skills. While a speculative play may not be a good idea, it could still be a great way to increase your profits.

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