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GameStop Stocks – Is it Worth Investing In?

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GameStop shares have surged over the past week, and briefly reached the $500 level during pre-market trading today. The company is also gearing up to enter the NFT market, and has hired more than 20 people to develop a platform. Its CEO, Tim Sweeney, has even taken to tweeting in the style of Elon Musk, releasing cryptic messages in a series of tweets. While GME stock isn’t for everyone, its recent growth story is still an impressive one for the investor.

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Despite this growth, investors should be careful about investing in GME stock. The stock has a poor fundamental story, dilution of the overall Composite Rating, and has lagged behind 64% of its peers. Given its low Composite Rating, GameStop is not a good choice for retail investors. However, it is still worth considering for those who have the budget to invest in video games. In the next few years, it plans to introduce new features, such as NFT and cryptocurrency trading.

The company has plans to offer its own version of NFT, which would enable retail investors to trade the stock. However, the shorts control the market, so there’s no way for retail investors to invest in GME. Moreover, Cohen recently joined the company’s board as a director. Therefore, he will help the company to make better decisions. If Cohen is right, he can significantly boost GME stock.

While GameStop stocks have strong fundamentals, they are still a risky investment. The price of GME is extremely volatile, which can prevent an investor from making a profit. There are also limited number of GME stock transactions allowed by some brokerages. This means that GME stock is not available to many investors. Lastly, because of its high volatility, investors should not put their money in this company. With the high volatility, limit orders may not be executed and traders should remain cautious.

Though GME stock has strong fundamentals, it’s a risky investment. Its volatile price means that there’s a high risk of losing money. There’s a possibility of the company offering NFT in the near future. Additionally, the price of GME is a volatile stock. In this case, investors should use caution when investing in it. If they’re trading in the cryptocurrency, they should use the most recent data available on the market.

While GME has solid fundamentals, it’s still a risky stock. Its volatile price is a concern for some investors, so it’s best to stick to smaller investment portfolios for the time being. While GME stock is a good choice for experienced crypto investors, it’s also a risky choice for a beginner. A high volatility means that it’s essential to follow the news about GME.

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