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GME Stock Is Currently a Strong Buy, But the Future Is Uncertain

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GME Stock Price Summary

GME stock is currently a strong buy, but the future is uncertain. The company‘s shares have dropped a third of their value over the past five years, and the company is expected to continue losing money. As of early February, shorts control more than half of the stock. This has created a perfect environment for a massive short-squeeze rally. Ryan Cohen, who has joined the board, recently joined the company’s management team. With Cohen on the board, the company is looking good.

The short-term outlook for GME stock remains mixed. The company has a relatively low IBD Composite Rating (51), which measures fundamental and stock performance. This rating lags behind over half of all companies, so it may be worth avoiding GME stock for now. Regardless of the short-term outlook for the company, the stock’s rise will create an opportunity for savvy investors. For the time being, GME is a solid pick for swing traders looking to make a quick profit, while keeping losses low. The company’s earnings report was positive in the fourth quarter of 2017, which could be a boon for investors.

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What are the Advantages of GME Stock

If you’re looking for a solid buy, GME stock might be the right choice. This company has a solid dividend yield and a very low risk. And since the company is relatively new, its earnings are still a bargain. However, it’s still a gambler’s stock, so you should be careful. You can make a speculative play if it breaks above the 10-week line.

If you’re looking for a good pick, GME stock may be the one for you. It had an amazing run in January, and carries an IBD Relative Strength Rating (RS) of 99, the highest among all stocks. The higher the number, the more reliable the stock is. Look for a blue RS line on GME to see whether it’s outperforming the general market. This will let you know if the stock is a good bet.

If you’re looking for a safe stock to invest in, try to buy GME stock before it crashes. Its recent breakout could be a great opportunity to get in. A stock’s price can be a great bargain in the long run, but it can be a gamble if it is a poor buy. Therefore, it’s important to control your risk while investing, and to use swing trading strategies to trade the stock.

GameStop’s stock is a weak performer in the consumer electronics retail group. Its “shorts” gathered in online message boards and coordinated buying sprees. These purchases caught the “shorts” off guard, and they faced unlimited losses unless they bought the stock. That buying spree only increased the stock’s price and led to a massive short squeeze. Despite the fact that GME stock is now a weak investment, it’s still a worthy buy.

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