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Is GameStop Stock a Good Bet?

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As the demand for gaming consoles continues to rise, GameStop’s stock has been a good bet. This Canadian company is currently selling its stock on the US markets, and can be bought through Canadian online brokers. Alternatively, you can find a US-based brokerage that offers commission-free trading. The question is, what do you look for in a stock brokerage? A high EPS Rating is indicative of a leading stock, while a low EPS rating is a warning sign that the company is in trouble.

In January, GME stock logged an epic gain. Its IBD Relative Strength Rating (RS) is 99, a perfect score compared to all other stocks. Typically, top performing stocks have a RS Rating of 80 or higher. The RS line is a comparison of the stock’s price moves to those of the S&P 500. If the blue RS line is in the red, that means the company is outperforming the overall market.

Despite the impressive performance, GME stock still has a long way to go. The company is expected to lose money in 2021, and there is little hope for its earnings growth in that time frame. However, savvy investors are likely to be more confident in the stock’s fundamentals in the future. The 10-week line is a solid support level, and this could be a good speculative play. Regardless of the potential upside or downside, GME stock is a risky bet.

As the company struggles with declining sales, investors must take a long view of the company’s fundamentals. The company’s IBD Composite Rating has a low value because of its weak fundamentals. It is lagging 64% of all companies on the IBD’s Composite Rating. As a result, GME stock’s stock is a poor choice for those following a CAN SLIM investment paradigm.

A CAN SLIM analysis reveals that GME stock has weak fundamentals and a poor EPS. In other words, GME’s IBD Composite Rating is 64, which is a mediocre number, compared to 95% of all other companies. The company’s weak fundamentals are not helping the stock’s IBD Composite Rating, which measures the company’s overall performance. With a CAN SLIM investment philosophy, the best stocks should have a CAN SLIM score of 90 or 95.

While the GME stock’s CAN SLIM score does not reflect its overall performance, it does have a low IBD Composite Rating. Compared to other companies, GME’s CAN SLIM score has a lower IBD Composite Rating than other stocks. This means that it’s a poor investment. Moreover, the price of GME’s shares has fallen significantly. In addition to weak fundamentals, the IBD Composite Rating does not reflect the company’s current situation.

After the company’s latest quarterly report, GME stock is down. While the company’s sales are down by almost 10%, the company’s profitability is improving. During the last fiscal year, GME’s revenues surpassed expectations by 9.9%. This is good news for investors considering the underlying fundamentals of the company. The IPO price may be too high, however, if the CEO can’t get through to investors.

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