Liqui – Exchange Review

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If someone is looking to pair off Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies, then is a perfect fit.


This exchange service allows over a dozen cryptocurrency to pair with BTC.

Users can exchange Ethereum or other Altcoins with Bitcoin using this exchange service. You can also use your BTC or ETH as an investment to earn up to 0.066% daily.

All you need to do is to open a savings account. This one of the key feature behind the popularity of this exchange site. headquarter is situated in Kiev, Ukraine, and it was found in 2016. There is no clear indication or information on the head of authority of the company, which raises suspicion around the community.

Fees doesn’t support margin trading at the current time, but it plans to start this feature in the near future. maintains a “maker-taker” protocol in terms of trading fee. You can pay your fees by using Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD. The standard maker fee is 0.1% and the taker fee is 0.25%.

Market: Maker fee: Taker fee:
BTC 0.1% 0.25%
ETH 0.1% 0.25%
USDT 0.1% 0.25%

Special Features

What sets apart from the other site is their addition of the ‘savings account’ or ‘interest’ option.

They are trying to become a pioneer in this sector to pursue other companies and implement this feature.

Users can turn their regular account into a savings account and start investing their cryptocurrency. You can withdraw your invested fund at any point in time and need. Information about ‘Investment Limit’ available for users under Interest section tab inside the website.

The design and structure of the website is very suitable for trading.

They do not stuff out the webpage with attractive offers or pictures. There are simple numbers and charts like a trading screen in the wall-street to facilitate trading. No access options mean less interruption in trading option, which results in faster transactions.

Opening An Account

Opening an account in is very simple. Users will need to go to their homepage and click on the “sign in” option. A new window will pop up and the required information needs to be provided in the selected spaces. A confirmation email will be sent to the given email address after the sign-up process. Users will need to click on the confirmation link included in the email and the account will be up and running. doesn’t support any fiat currency, so there are no options for connecting bank account or credit card for deposit and trading. Users will need to connect an existing cryptocurrency wallet with their account in in order to make deposits and transactions. support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and few other coins trading.


In, there is no verification process to complete, so users can start trading cryptocurrency right after opening an account. There are options for trading according to the existing price, or users can set their own price range for trading. You can select a favorable option for you and start trading.

Services & Security

The exchange service has a basic protocol for providing security. There are two-factor authentication and API keys as security steps. They make a point by saying that security measurement is not a factor that can be perfected, and they have decided to post an event for finding security bugs.

For customer support, the company uses some channels, such as Twitter, to reach out to the users.


Overall, the company provides an awesome exchange service, aside from the fact that they do not provide any information regarding the management authority. But their “Savings Account” policy is something new and innovative and also worth looking into. If no incidents occur that questions the liability of the company, this company will be a suitable option for users.

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