Nebulas (NAS)

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Nebulas is a decentralized public platform that provides a search framework for all blockchains. It aims to overcome 3 major challenges:

  • Establishing a measurement value for apps on the blockchain.
  • The ability of a blockchain to self-evolve and maintain future advantages.
  • Maintaining a healthy ecosystem to all participants.

Robin Zhong, Nebulas, Co-founder & CTO explains that

 there is a lot of value behind all the transaction and address, and we want to find that, so we create Nebulas Rank.


Nebulas has become popular as “the new Google” to the crypto community. Though they share a similar sense, there are differences in their arena of utilization.

Google is designed for searching regular information available on the internet whereas, Nebulas is intended to search among smart contracts, DApps (decentralized application), and the blockchain assets of the users. Simply speaking, Nebulas is a decentralized, self-modifying blockchain platform that acts as a kind of search engine for all blockchains.

NAS (Nebulas token) used to be an ERC20 token. There was a buzz it would become separate from the Ethereum blockchain to create a unique chain of its own, namely, Nebulas chain.

Their whitepaper describes its mission, which is to “lead us to a better life with a higher level of freedom and equality”. The organizing team believes that the blockchain technology of the platform will positively catalyze the conversion of public data into private data.


  • Nebulas Rank (NR): It fixes a universal blockchain scale of the vale. As an example, it allows a user to go through the features of the popular decentralized applications in order to take a better decision.
  • Nebulas Force (NF): It is a convenient solution for the developers and supports the flexibility of smart contracts. It makes the blockchain more adaptable to the market and prevents “forking” from happening.
  • Developer Incentive Protocol/ Proof of Devotion: It is a wonderful way to award the developers who contributed to a considerable extent to the blockchain.
  • Search Engine: It is the easiest way to find out the required data from huge avalanches of information related to smart contracts and DApps.
  • Lightning Network Wallet: This feature allows a user to “swap” the Nebulas token for any lightning network enabled coin.

Working Procedure

The whitepaper of Nebulas comprises 60 pages containing so much technical data that it does not seem to be a guide for the beginners. The technology section of the website discusses the three prime features of Nebulas such as Nebulas Rank, Nebulas Force, and DIP/PoD which have been explained earlier.

Coin Supply of Nebulas

At present, the total market cap is $447,019,550 USD that has snatched the 66th position for NAS. About 35,000,000 NAS tokens are circulated in the market, which will be continued till the number reaches to 100 million.

During February 2018, Each NAS coin was worth $12.79 USD.

About 30% of the initial volume of NAS token was sold out in a pre-sale round, and about 5%of that was sold out in the round called founding seed.

Where to Buy and Where to Store

NAS coin is available in the exchanges like OKEx, EtherDelta,, Huobi etc. However, at first, users must deposit either Ethereum or Bitcoin onto their wallets of the respective exchanges, as these cryptos form trading pairs with NAS.

As it started its journey as an ERC20 token, it can be stored in different Ethereum wallets such as MyEtherWallet, Coinomi, MetaMask etc.


Nebulas have got a skilled and strong organizing team. It also focuses on the significant issues of blockchain tech such as the scarcity of a universal scale of value, absence of a healthy complete ecosystem etc.