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No Limit Coin 2.0 (NLC2)

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nlc logoNo Limit Coin 2.0 Cryptocurrency Review

what is NLC2?

The No Limit Fantasy Sports platform uses its own cryptocurrency, No Limit Coin 2.0 (“NLC2”) to overcome high fees, funds transfer time and verifications issues.


After the birth of cryptocurrency, this decade has seen a lot of crypto-coin rising time to time. Coinmarketcap says that over 1100 cryptocurrencies were prevailing as of 29 September 2017. The idea of cryptocurrency has covered all sectors, be it transactions, global entertainment or sports.

Fantasy sports arena has got No Limit Coin (NLC2) which is a coin for the website CryptoFantasySports.com and hopefully, this coin will be extended to other websites within a short period. Fantasy sports service is offered by No Limit Fantasy Sports via NoLimitFantasySports.com which is USD based. Another website namely NoCostFantasySports.com provides free service to the states with restricted markets.

NLC2 Mission

NLC2 is moving forward with a motive to digitalize the arena of fantasy sports by replacing fiat currency. Fiat currency has become a bit older to meet up the requirements of modern fantasy sports sector. Higher fees for transactions and time killing are the problems of using fiat currencies like US dollar in fantasy sports. NLC2 looks forward to providing facilities with lower cost and without consumption of time.

Within a short period, NLC2 will also take the place of existing platforms that covers almost 90% of the marketplace of US fantasy sports and will charge players less than them. Just to understand, No Limit Fantasy Sports will not charge 10% as entry fee, rather, only 5% will be charged. In case of single Vs single matches, the fee will be even lesser, 2.5%.

Main Features

NLC2 has a lot of features that will allure the gamers around the globe. At present, NLC2 is only being used in American football and fantasy soccer. But NLC2 will be involved in hockey and basketball in near future. Replacement of fiat currency by NLC2 will make transactions faster and fantasy sports arena more digitalized and user-friendly. Besides, this coin has super flexibility. Its value can be exchanged with both fiat currency like US dollar, Euro and cryptocurrency of any platform like bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) etc. unlike bitcoin, NLC2 is a Proof-of-stake (PoS) coin that has made it familiar as ‘green’ coin due to low consumption of resources.

No Limit Fantasy Sports also ensures the equity of competence of the rival players and makes the sport fare. Contests on giant platforms like Draft Kings allow players to enter up to 500 squad choices which help a player to pull the game in favor of him whereas, No Limit Fantasy Sports allows to enter up to 10 squad choices that makes the field similar for all the players and average users can also think of winning now. It also labels the users in more than 100 statistical categories that invite variety in contests type.

No Limit Fantasy Sports Intro

No Limit Fantasy Sports started its journey at the end of the year 2016. in August 2017, it proved its popularity by reaching to a market capitalization of about $100 million and launched fantasy soccer on CryptoFantasySports.com allowing the users to play fantasy versions of famous soccer leagues like La Liga Spain, La Liga Mexico, English Premier League etc. in the last few months of 2017, it upgraded its wallet and launched fantasy versions of other games such as American football, hockey, basketball and mixed martial arts. In 2018, No Limit Fantasy Sports has a plan to launch fantasy cricket and baseball.

Total supply and total Circulation

Until September 28, 2017, total circulation in the market is 203,743,395 NLC2 and each coin was worth of $0.191392. Therefore, total market capitalization was calculated $38,994,856 USD. Initial supply of NLC2 was 200 million which has no terminal limit till now. Statistics describes that the supply will increase at an annual rate of 1.5-2.0% of the initial circulation.


Other than a little difficulty to user adoption, NLC2 has caught the sight of fantasy gamers due to its unique properties. Let us wish No Limit Fantasy Sports all the best of luck.

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