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Substratum was a project that aimed to create a decentralized internet by utilizing blockchain technology. It was developed as an open-source network that intended to enable users to share their computing resources and bandwidth with the network and, in return, receive cryptocurrency rewards.

The main objective of Substratum was to provide a decentralized alternative to traditional internet infrastructure, where content could be hosted and accessed without relying on centralized servers. By leveraging the power of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, Substratum sought to create a censorship-resistant, secure, and privacy-enhanced internet ecosystem.

Substratum aimed to achieve its goals through a combination of technologies, including the use of its native cryptocurrency called Substrate (SUB). Users who contributed their computing resources to the network by running Substratum’s software could earn SUB tokens as compensation for their participation.


The project started its journey in February 2017 holding the hand of a US-based regional team of software developers which has worked for giants like Facebook, Disney, HP, and Apple etc. a pre-ICO took place on 7th August 2017 and the ICO Token Sale occurred on 14th August. Their future plan includes listings on Liqui, Coss, Bittrex, and Binance. They also plan to release their products like developer toolkit, Substratum Store, Substratum DNS, Substratum Node, Substratum Bridge and Cryptopay in 2018.

Substratum Mission

Decentralization is a strong demand in the world of cryptocurrency. Substratum cherishes inside the idea of decentralization and provides facilities which make the way smoother to decentralized transactions and delivery of contents. They are against the dominance of a single person or group in service operations. They draw China as an example of a centralized government and indicate that centralization is a barrier to the flow of commercial ideas. It aims to replace the companies or institutions that inspire centralization in private circle. They want to attract people towards peer-to-peer, decentralized operations.

Main Features

Substratum is designed to facilitate decentralization. They provide an opportunity to average users who lack resources along with the privileged ones to take part in microtransaction and content transfer.

Shared hosting

Another lucrative feature of Substratum is that they offer to host with low cost. They offer web and database servers hosting a request that reduces cost than that offered by the companies which allow paying by the minute.


It designed to involve users with less technical knowledge and less idea about cryptocurrency. Users do not need any special software to enjoy the facilities provided by Substratum. The interface for SUB coins runs on point and click basis and allows users of a large circle, which is not that easy in case of other cryptocurrencies.

Content Decentralization

Decentralization of contents is a distinguishing feature of the project. Users of Windows, Linux, Mac or any other platform can easily get contents through Substratum.

Advanced Databases

They use custom compression algorithms that provide geolocation services and make sure that the user is served the desired content and therefore, content loading get faster.


With the help of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence; the project uses geolocation to increase the efficiency of their working process. Geolocation has enhanced accuracy, privacy, speed, DNS requests and other features.

AI Security

Substratum provides a secured network which involves Artificial intelligence, proprietary cryptographic algorithms and thus they accumulate the safety measures such as safety, privacy etc. provided by other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on.

Total Supply and Circulation

The amount of total supply is about 352,000,000. As of 6th October 2017, the amount circulated in the market was 226,091,449 and total market capitalization was counted $28.4 million. Therefore, each coin was traded at $0.125626 USD.


Substratum had a successful ICO by which they collected $13.5 million US dollars. As we know that morning shows the day, we hope that Substratum will continue its journey at the same pace and the story of it will be a happier one.

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