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Tron project (wave field) aims to have a social media platform, where all of its members can enjoy privacy and security.

Looking back

This decade has given birth to so many altcoins, which are growing larger day by day. The market is getting competitive gradually. Stronger ones are rising while weaker ones are falling down, which reminds us, “survival of the fittest”. TRON is a buzzing word in the crypto-world now which has exceeded giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin having more wallet users worldwide.


Justin Sun, who has been listed twice in Forbes 30 most influential Asians under the age of 30, has founded the project. He has also launched a Chinese version of Snapchat called Peiwo.

It is surprising that it didn’t take even 10 seconds to sell out the first two rounds of the ICO, and this, in fact, helps to understand the scale of interest of the users in it. A pre-sale was held on August 29 and an IPO will take place in the US within a very short time.


TRON is created targeting the global entertainment sector, which is estimated at $1 trillion. So, a small part of it can change the fate of it. Hosting global currency exchange and, thus, ensuring the easy availability of entertainment around the globe. That is, it moves forward with a view to making global entertainment truly global.

TRON serves its purpose by handling various aspects of the digital entertainment platform, such as payment, storage facility, sharing credits, and so on. Therefore, it makes the payment process faster and easier by reducing steps of processing and thus, it saves time as well.

Features of TRON

Consensus mechanism

TRON has adopted an innovative consensus mechanism that helps to simplify credit issues and personal identification in an online transaction.

Point-to-point transaction

It allows a point-to-point transaction that knocks out the interference of any middleman or third party.

Acts as host

It plays the role of a mediator between customers and service providers.

Smart Contract Protocol

It allows customers to take advantage of this currency by removing the wall between various applications and letting information flow freely.

Blockchain Flexibility

TRON has connected itself with a number of blockchain networks that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Qtum etc. This feature has increased the efficiency, flexibility, and liquidity of TRON.

Gaming currency exchange

Via TRON protocol, gaming companies are allowed to trade any platform-specific currency with other companies or publishers. That is, a user can transfer his collected rewards from one game to another. This feature has attracted a lot of gamers worldwide.

Total supply and circulation

TRON has circulated 40,000,000,000 coins as of October 5, 2017. The value of each coin is $0.003208. Therefore, the total market cap stands at $128,320,800 USD. A total of 100,000,000,000 coins will circulate in the market.

Why invest in TRON

TRON has appeared to people related to the online entertainment sector and gamers as a kind of blessing. The facilities provided by it are really fascinating and unique. Now, a gamer can transform the virtual coins he achieved by playing games into other digital currencies, do online shopping, or buy movie tickets, which were not even possible a few days ago. Entertainment and information are now easy to reach, less time-consuming, and less costly.


Features like cross-platform transactions and smart contract protocols are keeping TRON a few steps ahead of the recently introduced altcoins. After all these facts, why should one think twice before investing? Why not TRON!