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Will Cryptocurrency Mining Increase Oil Prices?

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Will crptocurrecny mining increase oil priceOne of the most popular assets in recent days is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most popular currencies, are reaching new highs daily. At the same time, large financial institutions are getting more involved in the crypto markets. 

Without getting into the details of cryptocurrency mining and blockchains, it is clear that creating and maintaining these networks requires a large amount of energy. Mining facilities are full of computers, and users are competitively trying to upgrade their computational power to mine faster and, as a result, use more and more energy. 

A  2020 report by the University of Cambridge suggests that  76% of crypto miners rely, to some extent, on renewable energy sources to power their operations. Still, only 39% of the entire mining process of cryptocurrency is currently using renewable energy. 

How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Consume?

 The Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF) indicates that the Bitcoin network burns through 110 Terawatt Hours every year. An amount equivalent to 0.55% of the world power and comparable to the yearly energy consumption of small nations like Malaysia or Sweden. It is relatively straightforward to calculate the Bitcoin network’s energy consumption, but it is tough to pinpoint the total emission from Bitcoin mining without knowing the exact source. 

Gauges for which level of Bitcoin mining utilizes environmentally friendly power fluctuate generally. In December 2019, one report proposed that 73% of Bitcoin’s energy utilization was carbon unbiased, to a great extent because of the abundance of hydropower in significant mining centers like Southwest China and Scandinavia. Then again, the CCAF assessed in September 2020 that the figure is nearer to 39%. However, regardless of whether the lower number is correct, that is still twice as much as the U.S. matrix, proposing that taking a gander at energy utilization alone is not a solid technique for deciding Bitcoin’s fossil fuel byproducts.

Oil Prices and Electricity Consumption

The world right now devours around 100 million barrels of oil a day. While the IEA projects expanding utilization of renewables, further developed energy proficiency and a shift toward electric vehicles, fossil feul will keep satisifying the near future need for energy. 

The International Energy Agency (IEA) prepares yearly projections about potential energy requests utilizing various distinction situations. In its 2020 report, the IEA extended worldwide interest for a flammable gas to increase by 29% by 2040, providing 25% of all-out energy burned through around the world, and worldwide interest for oil will increase by 7%, providing 28% of total energy devoured.


Oil costs could briefly spike to $80 per barrel or more this mid-year as request returns thunder. The returning economy has effectively sent unrefined up about 40% since the beginning of the year, yet a flood in driving by Americans, just as an increment in products transportation and air travel, could pressure costs further. The fact that many companies and investors want cryptocurrency transactions to be powered by renewable resources. This can spike the oil prices in the coming days. 

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