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How and Where to Buy DeeLance?

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DeeLance, the groundbreaking blockchain platform, is set to transform the world of freelancing. With its decentralized approach, DeeLance aims to incentivize freelancers and recruiters by offering a safer and more cost-effective environment. Unlike traditional freelancing platforms, DeeLance boasts industry-leading cost structures that ensure maximum value for consumers. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of DeeLance and its native DLANCE cryptocurrency. How to buy DeeLance coins? Is it worth investing? And what is the future for DeeLance in the crypto world? 

Buy DeeLance 2023 – A summary of the most critical aspects

Here are some key facts regarding DeeLance and its DLANCE cryptocurrency:

  • DeeLance disrupts the conventional freelancing market by delivering a decentralized blockchain platform that allows customers and employees to connect and interact in a safer and more cost-effective environment.
  • Unlike other freelancing sites that demand hefty fees, DeeLance charges its customers a fixed cost of 2% of the job value, which is substantially lower than the 3.5% and 5.5% charged by Upwork and Fiverr, respectively.
  • The work submitted at DeeLance is authenticated and protected using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), guaranteeing customers control the work they are paying for and can verify it through the blockchain.
  • With DeeLance, all payments are paid in cryptocurrency using DLANCE tokens that are kept in escrow until the work is done. Additionally, unlike other sites where payments might be delayed, employees are paid quickly with no fees after the project is finished.
  • DeeLance expands its platform by creating a metaverse, a virtual world where consumers and employees may interact and cooperate. Users may own and rent virtual workplaces, generating passive revenue.
  • DLANCE is DeeLance’s native utility coin, which may be used for a variety of purposes, including payments to freelancers. The coin is presently available for purchase as part of a pre-sale that provides early investors with considerable savings and possible future gains.
  • DeeLance provides freelancers with a safe and cost-effective platform to harness their skills and abilities, while customers can rest assured that their payments are completed securely. So don’t put it off any longer.

How to Buy DeeLance Quickly and Safely? Instructions for Beginners

DeeLance has finally begun the long-awaited pre-sale of its DLANCE cryptocurrency. Interested investors may use the presale to buy DLANCE tokens at the lowest feasible price. This tutorial will walk you through the process of purchasing DLANCE tokens during the presale.

Step 1: Go to the presale project’s website.

To take part in the DeeLance presale, go to the company’s website. Please keep in mind that the presale will only be accessible for a limited period. As a result, investors should move immediately to safeguard their tokens.

Step 2: Get your wallet.

The DeeLance presale allows a variety of crypto wallets, but we prefer Metamask. It is the most user-friendly wallet, making it excellent for both rookie and expert investors. The Metamask wallet is available for free download and is compatible with a wide range of web browsers and smartphones, including iOS and Android devices.

Step 3: Reload your wallet using ETH or USDT

Investors will require either Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) to buy DeeLance coins. You may simply acquire these two cryptocurrencies by using a cryptocurrency trading website such as Plus500. This licensed broker has cheap costs and accepts payments by debit/credit card. Investors may also trade their current tokens for ETH or USDT.

Step 4: buy DeeLance

After funding your wallet, you may acquire DLANCE tokens via the presale dashboard. To begin, choose whether you wish to utilize ETH or USDT as your digital currency. Specify the number of DLANCE tokens you wish to purchase and click “Convert.” Then, in your Metama, validate the transaction information.

What is DeeLance? Buy DeeLance in 2023

DeeLance has become a good cryptocurrency to invest in because it has a unique platform for freelancers. It’s changing the business world for both freelancers and clients by offering low prices and fast payments. Investors can still buy DeeLance tokens at a special price of $0.027 per token during the pre-sale, which is still going on. You could get nearly 18,500 DLANCE tokens if you put in $500.

After the pre-sale, DeeLance will be sold at a set price of $0.037 on a centralized exchange. This is a 47% increase over the pre-sale price. If you buy DeeLance for a long time, you might make even more money. The competitive pricing model of DeeLance gives both freelancers and clients options that are affordable. Clients only have to pay 2% to post work requests, which is a lot less than what Fiverr charges, which is 5.5%. On the other hand, freelancers only pay 10% of their earnings to DeeLance, while Fiverr and Upwork take up to 20%.

Due to its cheaper rates, DeeLance is a popular alternative for freelancers and clients who want to maximize their income. One of the best things about DeeLance is that it pays out quickly and fairly. This is made possible by smart contracts, which get rid of the problem that many freelancing platforms have with payments taking too long to process. The contract says that freelancers have to be paid on time. Also, the open dispute resolution process makes sure that both sides get a fair result.

Where can I buy DeeLance? Our comparison of brokers and exchanges:

The new cryptocurrency, DeeLance Coin, is now only available for purchase on the official website. To participate in the DeeLance presale, investors must first acquire ETH or USDT. The good news is that these cryptocurrencies can be acquired quickly and simply on Plus500. Purchasing the DeeLance token during the presale is now the only option to participate in this excellent enterprise.

Additionally, early investors have witnessed the token’s value climb by 40%, making participation in the pre-sale a lucrative investment. The DeeLance team hopes to raise $6 million by selling 300 million DLANCE tokens, totaling $1 billion. The remaining 16% of the supply will be listed on controlled and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

When the DeeLance pre-sale concludes, investors may acquire DeeLance tokens on various cryptocurrency exchanges. DeeLance’s eventual listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges is intended to improve the token’s liquidity and widen investment options for people interested in this fascinating new initiative.

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Tokenomics by DeeLance

DLANCE has created a well-thought-out crypto presale that will pique the interest of both early adopters and investors. This technique is divided into three stages, each with its own tokenomics that offer a secure and efficient environment for project supporters to handle their assets.

DLANCE intends to issue 60 million tokens at a price of $0.025 in the first phase, with a projected fundraising goal of $1.5 million. In the second phase, the platform will boost the token supply to 74 million and the token price to $0.027, with a $2 million fundraising goal. Lastly, in the third phase, DLANCE will issue 83 million tokens at a slightly higher price of $0.030, with a $2.5 million fundraising objective.

Keep DeeLance in your wallet

DLANCE is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that allows investors to invest in the platform’s services in a decentralized manner. Investors may choose from a variety of Ethereum-compatible, self-managed wallets to meet their specific requirements. But, for optimal convenience, we propose two wallets: the desktop MetaMask wallet and the simple Trust wallet for mobile devices.

DLANCE tokens may be deposited into a wallet and used to access the platform’s services. As a firm or consumer, you may use DLANCE tokens to pay for platform services like design, development, and marketing, as well as community administration and decision-making. The platform is built on the Ethereum network, which guarantees that all transactions are secure.

DeeLance forecast

With a tremendously successful pre-sale, DeeLance has piqued the interest of investors. The DLANCE token’s demand has been quite high as the project’s pre-sale has scaled up swiftly, signaling a bright prognosis for the near future. During the pre-sale and IEO, the price of DLANCE will rise from 0.025 USDT to 0.037 USDT, indicating an almost 50% gain for early investors.

This expansion is a great comfort for many who have endured years of persistent bad markets. Current marketplaces that connect corporations and freelancers, such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, are already worth more than $3.8 billion. With so much income potential, Deelance is able to disrupt an established business and earn enormous value by stealing market share from incumbents.

Deelance intends to debut the beta version of its online marketplace in Q3 2023, significantly ahead of schedule. This proof of development should raise investor confidence and increase the value of DLANCE tokens.

DeeLance will execute an aggressive marketing effort around the platform’s introduction to further drive adoption. The goal is to recruit businesses and contract employees in order to develop a foothold in the market. Obtaining a considerable market share, on the other hand, requires not just a good start but also consistent growth and development.

Deelance expects a time of excitement, development, and ongoing releases throughout the rest of the year. With this in mind, we forecast that DLANCE tokens will be worth $0.050 by the end of the year, a 100% increase over the pre-sale price and a 35% increase over the predicted IEO price. As a result, investors might be enthusiastic about Deelance’s future since the business seeks to transform the freelancing marketplace sector.

Is there a future for DeeLance in the crypto world?

The future pricing of DeeLance seems positive. This is mostly due to the substantial increase from $0.025 to $0.035 during the DeeLance pre-sale. This implies that even before the token is released on the cryptocurrency market, early investors may easily profit from up to 40% of their original investment. Moreover, the DeeLance coins provide investors with extra security.

It is crucial to note that DeeLance’s listing may undergo substantial volatility in the initial few days of trading, resulting in dramatic price movements. Yet, DeeLance has a considerable competitive edge, making its sustained growth and institution seem plausible. Moreover, the Web3 and freelance services markets are expanding rapidly, giving the firm an appealing investment.

Surprisingly, DeeLance has only released one billion DLANCE coins, a low number when compared to other cryptocurrencies. In light of the above, it is probable that the price of the DeeLance token will rise greatly in the future. Finally, the success of the DeeLance project and future pricing development are heavily reliant on the platform’s performance and demand for DeeLance services.

Buy DeeLance: Should you keep DeeLance for the long run or trade it in the short term?

The Web3 employment platform DeeLance is still in the pre-sale phase, which means it is not yet publicly listed. During this first period, DeLance’s price will be solely determined by the presale, which employs a price rise mechanism. Early investors may lock in 40% book profits within weeks of the platform’s first listing, while also benefiting from brief downside protection.

While DeeLance is still in the pre-sale stage, it has garnered a lot of interest. When additional trading platforms integrate DeeLance, the platform will attract more investors, which might boost the stock price in the medium to long term. Furthermore, the anticipated volatility has already piqued the interest of cryptocurrency traders who see possible profits in the early stages of DeeLance’s trading cycle.

Notably, because of DeeLance’s unique approach to job boards, it has a quicker development period than other comparable companies, with early prototypes published in the year of its founding. Long-term investors, on the other hand, could benefit from DeeLance’s prospective success since the platform must first reach a specific level before returns can be observed.

Investing in new firms is risky, but DeeLance’s approach to the Web3 employment marketplace might result in substantial profits for its investors. DeeLance’s potential for success is strong since it provides a platform that permits decentralized, trustworthy transactions while preserving crucial human features like dispute resolution. Early investors might reap big rewards in the future.

Should you buy DeeLance: advantages and disadvantages

If you are thinking about investing in the DeeLance presale by acquiring DLANCE coins, you should carefully assess the advantages and downsides. You must critically assess your subjective point of view and weigh the devil’s advocate’s counterarguments. To make an educated choice, consider the key benefits and drawbacks of investing in DeeLance tokens.


Conclusion: Should you buy DeeLance? 

DeeLance, a new participant in the freelancing market, has entered the market with a unique strategy that distinguishes it from the competition. This is particularly significant at a time when, as a result of the epidemic, remote working and freelancing have become the norm. DeeLance is distinguished from other employment boards by its minimal fees, high security, and uncompromising transparency, which are all founded on decentralized and open Web3 technology.

DeeLance’s unique business strategy provides advantages to both freelancers and corporations that are not available anywhere else. An open and fair employment platform has the ability to open up previously inaccessible markets, resulting in a win-win scenario for all sides. Moreover, DeeLance has gone a step further and developed its own job metaverse, with the goal of setting new industry norms.

What makes DeeLance unique is that it provides an appealing economic strategy for all parties involved. Freelancers may discover a plethora of employment possibilities without having to pay high fees, while corporations can simply acquire top personnel. As a result, DeeLance is a fantastic option for those wishing to get into the freelancing market or for those searching for an alternative to standard job sites.

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