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Does It Make Sense To Invest In Diamonds In 2023?

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The world of investment is a changing terrain full of new possibilities and difficulties. As investors attempt to diversify their portfolios and explore other assets, one issue that often arises is whether investing in diamonds makes sense. The appeal of these valuable jewels has captivated people for generations, but is it still sensible to invest in diamonds in the ever-changing economic environment of 2023?

Is it reasonable to invest in diamonds?

Investing in diamonds may be a wise financial decision, but it is critical to understand the related risks and possibilities. As an investor, you should think about how diamonds fit into your current portfolio, since they may not always function as a main hedge. It should be noted that diamonds do not serve as safe crisis money. We’ll look at why this is, but it’s important to understand that diamonds should not be the first pick when it comes to financial stability. In such instances, gold and silver, two popular commodities, should take priority.

If you have already invested in gold and silver as a crisis currency or financial investment, then exploring the diamond market could be a valuable addition. However, it’s important to understand the regulations surrounding the purchase and sale of these precious stones in your country. In Germany, for instance, diamonds are subject to value-added tax (VAT).

This means that you should expect an additional 19 percent surcharge, which directly increases the purchase price of diamonds. Being mindful of this is crucial before making any investment decisions.

Furthermore, selling diamonds typically occurs after several years or even decades. With this long-term strategy, you may be able to profit from the upward trend in diamond prices without facing VAT restrictions. Consideration should be given to the VAT implications and potential costs when selling the diamonds.

To escape the VAT quandary, for example, in Germany, an additional option is to invest in diamonds from outside. Several nations, such as Switzerland, have a lower VAT rate of 7%. Nonetheless, it is critical to investigate and comprehend the import restrictions, since bringing diamonds to Germany may result in a 19% VAT tax.

Invest in Diamonds: How to Find Out the Diamond Price

In everyday life, it’s easy to overlook the fact that diamonds experience price fluctuations just like any other asset. However, what sets diamonds apart is their relatively stable price development, which contributes to their popularity as a financial backup.

The uniqueness of each diamond is one of the key reasons for this stability. Diamonds, unlike other investments, are less ideal for considerable profit improvement owing to their restricted potential for major price jumps. Conversely, invest in diamonds in long-term may benefit from a steady price rise.

If you want to know what the current market price of diamonds is, the International Diamond Exchange’s (IDEX) diamond price list is a good place to start. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that each diamond has unique qualities that eventually determine its pricing structure. As a result, the price of a diamond is largely subjective. Additionally, the diamond price is decided by the market price, which is determined by a mix of demand and supply.

Diamond prices have steadily increased over the last several decades, although at a slow pace. Its consistent development demonstrates the precious jewels’ continuing worth and attraction.

Investing in diamonds provides a one-of-a-kind chance to participate in an asset class defined by consistent price development. Although diamonds are not a high-profit investment, their long-term price increase may make them an appealing addition to a balanced portfolio. Investors may acquire insights into the market price of diamonds and make educated judgments about their investment plans by consulting credible sources such as the IDEX diamond price list.

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What to Consider for Safe Diamond Purchases

Diamonds, being a highly sought-after luxury commodity, are always increasing in price owing to global supply often falling short of the high demand. If you’re thinking to invest in diamonds, you should be aware of the essential considerations to consider while doing so.

When buying diamonds weighing more than 0.50 carats, it is essential to obtain a certificate. This becomes particularly important if you intend to use diamonds as a long-term investment. Certificates are issued by reputable international laboratories and provide a comprehensive gemological report containing all the relevant details about the diamond. This report acts as an unmistakable identification of the specific diamond.

Diamonds differ significantly in various ways, including purity, form, proportion, polishing, fluorescence, symmetry, color, and weight. Among these variables, the clarity of a diamond is very important in deciding its price. The purity levels may vary, and the price difference between distinct clarity classes might be as much as 10%.

Terms like “clarity enhanced” or “color enhanced” should be avoided, since they signal that artificial treatments were performed to improve the look of the diamond. As a result, such treated diamonds have a lower value. Moreover, diamonds with little or no fluorescence should be avoided.

To assure a diamond’s genuine worth, its proportions should be excellent or very good. Similarly, the workmanship involved in its production should be of excellent to very high quality. By taking these considerations into account, you may make more educated selections and confidently traverse the diamond market, ensuring the safe purchase of diamonds that match your financial goals.

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How to determine the authenticity and safety of your diamonds

Blood diamonds are something that everyone has heard about. You should only purchase from recognized vendors to avoid the possibility of purchasing precisely this sort of diamond. Instead, you risk getting diamonds on the black market, which are obtained indirectly via the purchase of firearms in conflict-prone African nations.

Diamond purchases without receipts, on the other hand, might be part of a hoax that can derail one’s investing plans. As a result, you should hunt for a trusted service. Meanwhile, invest in diamonds is no longer limited to on-the-spot transactions at authorized stores.

And not about jewelry, as is often the case with jewelers. To be able to resell the diamond without difficulty later, it should be bought in a sealed blister with a certificate. Purchasing diamonds makes sense only if you can do it with your own money. If you are thinking about purchasing on credit, you should reconsider. So the loan interest will most likely not cover the modest rise in diamond prices.

Invest in Diamonds: Buy Commodity or CFDs?

Everyone familiar with the stock market has almost certainly heard of diamond CFDs. So why not just buy diamond CFDs? Because it is not directly related to traditional protection. Rather, diamond CFDs are used to invest in the firms that mine diamonds. If you’re a shareholder trying to enter the commodities market, that’s a good place to start. Investing in diamond CFDs, on the other hand, does not provide actual protection in the form of tangible objects.

Yet, diamond CFDs are an intriguing addition to diversifying your own portfolio. Particularly if you use this money to promote well-known sponsors.

But you should keep a careful eye on how specific stocks and diamond CFDs have performed in previous years. Because not every sponsor was successful in establishing itself on the stock exchange and in the global market.

Moreover, our test winner Broker Plus500 allows you to invest in commodity CFDs, which are derivatives that track the price growth of diamonds. This is by far the most straightforward method to invest in diamonds.

Conclusion: Invest in diamonds 

Diamonds are clearly not a secure crisis currency. Yet, if you are seeking a long-term solution to keep money securely in the form of raw materials, investment diamonds are not a terrible choice. Since there is a wide range of diamonds available in various price ranges on various internet sites.

They come with a certificate from trustworthy vendors, making further sales simple. Diamonds are not a good investment since a significant growth in value is not foreseen in the next few years. This investment is especially beneficial in conjunction with commodity investments such as gold and silver.

It is obvious that a diamond should never be purchased as an investment without a certificate from a competent laboratory. Diamonds may also be purchased from traditional jewelers; however, they are more in the jewelry area. Genuine investment diamonds should be purchased with a high degree of purity and quality in order to be resold without loss later on.

A number of dealers have specialized in offering these investment treasures. In a few years or decades, you could even see a little increase in value. But the easiest and most logical option to invest in diamonds remains via CFDs. We propose our test winning broker Plus500 here. You have the ideal circumstances for investing in commodities at Plus500, and it is totally regulated and licensed.

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