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Top 10 Instagram Crypto Influencers 2023

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Navigating the intricacies of cryptocurrency can be a daunting task, with its complex workings often requiring the guidance of knowledgeable individuals. Fortunately, the emergence of influencer marketing and the creator economy has paved the way for connecting seasoned crypto investors with those eager to learn more about this digital frontier. Among the various social media platforms, Instagram stands out as a preferred choice for influencers, even within the realm of crypto, thanks to its visually appealing format and a streamlined algorithm tailored to meet the needs of influencer marketing.

Please note that we do not endorse any of the influencers listed below, and it’s essential to exercise caution and conduct thorough research to avoid falling victim to cryptocurrency scams.

By employing NeoReach and Tensor data verification, we’ve identified the top Instagram Crypto Influencers, recognizing them for their substantial follower counts, robust engagement levels, and extensive exposure within the crypto communities.

Understanding the Role of Instagram Crypto Influencers

As the fascination with cryptocurrency continues to surge, the synergy between this digital frontier and the potency of social media has given rise to a unique breed of individuals known as Instagram Crypto Influencers. These individuals, often with years of experience in cryptocurrency investments, have embraced the role of chroniclers, regularly sharing their insights into the ever-evolving crypto market. A crypto influencer can take various forms, but their common mission is to disseminate content that revolves around cryptocurrency and the decentralized economy, with the overarching aim of enlightening and educating the online community.

Instagram Crypto Influencers occupy a pivotal position in the cryptocurrency landscape, propelling concepts like blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse into the spotlight. They employ a multi-faceted approach, leveraging various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to connect with their target audience and evangelize the merits of cryptocurrency.

Their content is a dynamic mix, spanning discussions on weekly market trends, divulging their latest investment choices, and offering predictions about the future trajectory of the crypto realm. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the digital economy is characterized by its inherent volatility, making even the most seasoned crypto influencer’s forecasts subject to unpredictability. As consumers of this content, exercising a healthy dose of skepticism when heeding the advice of crypto traders is essential. In this realm where fortunes can shift rapidly, discernment is a valuable asset.

Instagram crypto influencers

10 Instagram Crypto Influencers Worth Following 

Please note that we do not endorse any of the influencers listed below, and we strongly advise exercising caution and conducting thorough research to safeguard against crypto scams.

Robert Kiyosaki

  • Instagram Handle: @therealkiyosaki
  • Followers: 2,900,000
  • Engagement Rate: 0.57%

Renowned as the author of the best-selling finance tome, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki couldn’t resist the allure of crypto investments. In early 2020, this eminent figure embraced the role of a decentralized finance advocate. Drawing from his considerable success in the realm of finance and wealth, Kiyosaki inspires his vast following to delve into the boundless opportunities offered by cryptocurrency.

Kiyosaki utilizes his Instagram platform to share rich and insightful video content, serving as an educational resource for individuals eager to grasp the significance of crypto investments. Additionally, interspersed within his content, one can find inspirational quotes and motivational phrases.

Beyond the realm of cryptocurrency, Kiyosaki imparts valuable tips and tricks on wealth-building, emphasizing the importance of prudent savings strategies and optimizing investment portfolios.


  • Instagram Handle: @cryptoexplorer
  • Followers: 659,100
  • Engagement Rate: 0.08%

An anonymous group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts maintains the Instagram account CryptoExplorer, which operates in the mysterious world of cryptocurrencies. Their captivating multimedia content, coupled with a diverse range of topics delving into the cryptocurrency sphere, has garnered an impressive following of over 659,100 dedicated enthusiasts. Within their account lies a treasure trove of insights, spanning discussions on stocks, market valuation, and the intriguing world of NFTs.


  • Instagram Handle: @cryptonary
  • Followers: 562,000
  • Engagement Rate: 0.51%

In search of a vibrant community teeming with resources on the fascinating world of cryptocurrency? Look no further than Cryptonary‚ÄĒa dedicated team committed to keeping you informed about all things crypto, the ever-evolving metaverse, and the thriving NFT marketplace.

Cryptonary stands as one of the most trusted sources for the freshest news and cutting-edge trends across various social media platforms. On Instagram, Cryptonary boasts a substantial following of half a million enthusiasts. Their content spectrum spans from entertaining and insightful memes to concise and informative breakdowns encompassing a wide array of cryptocurrency-related subjects. This includes weekly market trends, the dynamic development of the metaverse, and the intricacies of NFT minting.

BitBoy Crypto

  • Instagram Handle: @bitboycrypto
  • Followers: 474,600
  • Engagement Rate: 0.18%

Ben Armstrong, renowned as BitBoy Crypto, stands as a prominent crypto enthusiast with a substantial Instagram following. This dedicated content creator is committed to delivering cryptocurrency news and updates through engaging video content, whether in the form of vertical videos on Instagram or on his YouTube channel. With a crypto journey that dates back to 2011, Ben has garnered trust as one of the foremost figures in cryptocurrency trading. He offers valuable insights into Bitcoin and Ethereum, addressing their respective advantages, drawbacks, and the government’s stance concerning the decentralized economy.

Beyond fostering meaningful discussions through his videos, Ben also exhibits a penchant for sharing memes on Instagram. Memes wield considerable influence in captivating audiences, particularly the younger demographic.


  • Instagram Handle: @sharecrypto
  • Followers: 421,500
  • Engagement Rate: 0.25%

ShareCrypto stands as one of the most seasoned players in the realm of cryptocurrency, delivering news and updates since 2016. If you’re seeking the freshest insights into the market, ShareCrypto is an essential to follow, offering a wide array of highlighted news articles. Their coverage extends beyond the domestic sphere, keeping a vigilant eye on international crypto developments, including bans, significant coin transfers, and the varying stances of different governments.

Armando Juan Pantoja

  • Instagram Handle: @tallguytycoon
  • Followers: 406,000
  • Engagement Rate: 1.03%

Meet Armando Juan Pantoja, a prominent figure in the FinTech realm, widely recognized as tallguytycoon. With a strong background in software engineering, Pantoja brings invaluable expertise to the fields of cryptocurrency and finance. His wealth of knowledge extends to optimizing blockchain-based technology, making him a trusted source in the industry.

Pantoja’s Instagram feed serves as a treasure trove for crypto traders, particularly those venturing into the market. He regularly shares video clips that break down headline news from the crypto world. Alongside these insights, Pantoja offers motivational quotes, inspiring individuals in their crypto trading journeys.

Beyond content sharing, Pantoja places a strong emphasis on education. He conducts exclusive masterclasses aimed at empowering students and transforming cryptocurrency novices into financially literate and adaptable investors.


  • Instagram Handle:¬†@coingrams
  • Followers:¬†261,300
  • Engagement Rate:¬†0.52%

Coingrams is your go-to destination for a delightful fusion of crypto market highlights and memes. As a dedicated crypto trading service, Coingrams takes pride in keeping its followers in the loop regarding the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency realm. This encompasses major brand acquisitions, price fluctuations, and the evolving utility of cryptocurrencies within the dynamic landscape of the Internet. 


  • Instagram Handle:¬†@cryptopunks
  • Followers:¬†246,100
  • Engagement Rate:¬†0.77%

CryptoPunks is a captivating Instagram account dedicated to the world of NFT art, particularly focusing on NFT art pieces that have achieved remarkable success in the marketplace. As the NFT market continues to expand, a growing number of individuals are exploring cryptocurrency investments with the goal of becoming proud owners of limited NFT collectibles. CryptoPunks leverages its Instagram presence to share updates on new NFT releases, effectively generating interest among its followers and building anticipation for these unique digital collectibles.

Notably, according to data compiled by NeoReach on the top Crypto collections available on OpenSea, CryptoPunks holds the second-highest rank in terms of price performance and claims the top position in overall volume on the platform. While the Instagram account is unofficial, it sheds light on the cult-like popularity and significant influence of these digital art pieces in the world of cryptocurrency.

Matthias Mende

  • Instagram Handle: @matthiasmende
  • Followers: 213,400
  • Engagement Rate: 1.26%

Matthias Mende is a prominent figure in Dubai’s crypto landscape, commanding a substantial following of over 213,000 Instagram users. With a multifaceted background spanning crypto trading and social media marketing, Mende is well-equipped to navigate the world of cryptocurrency and influencer marketing.

Mende’s journey into the realm of crypto marketing commenced with his role as Chief Strategic Officer at Block Gemini, a blockchain development firm, where he actively contributed from 2018 to 2021. As his passion for cryptocurrency continued to grow, he embarked on a new venture by establishing Bonuz, a platform that combines celebrity marketing with blockchain technology.

On his Instagram account, Mende offers followers a blend of insightful content, witty takes on inspirational quotes, and informative video clips that delve into the intricacies of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. His extensive experience and engaging content make him a valuable resource for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge of the crypto landscape.


  • Instagram Handle: @cryptohumor
  • Number of Followers: 84,600
  • Engagement Rate: 0.58%

CryptoHumor operates as an anonymous yet influential figure in the realm of Bitcoin and crypto mining. This Instagram account is a hub for crypto-related memes, shedding light on the latest market trends and trader activity in the crypto space.

Through the creative and humorous use of memes, CryptoHumor accomplishes the feat of making cryptocurrency accessible and entertaining for the general public. Beyond the humor, they also provide valuable educational resources to assist new investors in mastering the art of buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency. It’s a unique blend of entertainment and education in the world of crypto.

Beware of Instagram Crypto Influencers Fraud

Instagram has unfortunately become a breeding ground for scammers impersonating official accounts, and this issue is prevalent in the world of Instagram Crypto Influencers as well. Surprisingly, almost every entry in this article’s list had encountered at least one fraudulent account impersonating them. While the platform has attempted to address this issue in the past, a significant 49% of content creators still grapple with fraudulent impersonations.

If you fall victim to a false crypto influencer on Instagram, the consequences can be severe. Not only do you stand to lose your tokens, but your real-life savings may also be at risk. Given this risk, it is crucial to exercise extra caution when considering transactions on Instagram, as the platform typically does not accept liability for any potential losses incurred. 

Conclusion: Top 10 Instagram Crypto Influencers

Instagram Crypto Influencers serve as vital conduits for educating the public about the benefits of cryptocurrency. In a world where skepticism often prevails, these influencers leverage their reputation and credibility to raise awareness about the uses and potential of crypto. However, it is of utmost importance for individuals to remain vigilant, conduct thorough research, and exercise caution when navigating the dynamic and, at times, treacherous landscape of cryptocurrency on social media platforms like Instagram.


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