Kucoin – Exchange Review

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If you are searching for a secured and modern platform for exchanging cryptocurrency, Kucoin is one of the best suitable options for you.

It looks forward to providing a simple, safe and easy method to convert cryptocurrencies on a state-of-art platform. The base of Kucoin is pretty solid as the founding team is researching on blockchain technology since 2011 and the technical structure of the exchange platform was being constructed from 2013. This may help you to understand the degree of determination the team has to provide the users with flawless service.

Sign up and registration

The registration procedure is very simple. Users need to sign up using their email and to set a password up. Confirming the verification email, one is all set to log into the Kucoin account. The ā€˜two-factor authenticationā€™ is highly recommended to strengthen the security.Ā 

Markets and trading view

The layout of the website is very neat and satisfying. It provides markets overview of trading pairs prevailing at present which helps the customers to nominate between various cryptocurrencies like BTC, NEO, ETH, USDT and so on. Selection of trading pair allows the user to exchange the selected coins.

Features of Kucoin

The first-rate features of the platform have separated it from other cryptocurrency exchange platforms available. Some outstanding features are discussed below.

Dedicated customer service is a feature that attracts the users most. The platform’s team is ready to answer any kind of queries 24/7 via email, hotline or the official website.

Kucoin is able to provide the facility to exchange numerous cryptocurrency pairs available on the blockchain. The primary list that includes BTC, ETH, NEO, LTC, KCS, and USDT has already expanded its caliber by adding LAToken, QLink, UTRUST on 29 December 2017, and it is continuously growing. ItĀ has created a bright image and has secured its position in the market due to this marvelous feature.

Kucoin has attained remarkable stability in financial sectors. The design of its financial system incentivized the system with its multilayer architecture. Similar to the banking system, Kucoin adopts precautions including two locations and three centers to be resistant to disasters.

Kucoin has a tendency of fast growth by bringing more and more people within their community. It provides a bonus to those who invite new users. The one who invited will be rewarded with a share of trading fees accrued by the one who is invited.

Other lucrative features of Kucoin include effective operation strategies, faster processing system, less trading fee and many more.

Safety Concern

Kucoin is obviously safe, and the credit goes to both the operational level and the system. On the operational level, Kucoin has a highly efficient internal risk control department. It has its own strict protocols for using and operating data including multiple review and approval.

On the system level, sensitive user data are safely stored on bank-level data encryption. Additional security is provided by multifactor dynamic authentication.


Kucoin may seem a bit newer to you, but it has a strong base with an expert governing body and many stunning features. People who are dealing with it for quite a long time confirms that it is growing faster than anybody can imagine looking at it for the first time.


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