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My Quest to Financial Freedom – Chapter 1

by Crypto Soho
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This is a humble introduction to how I find my way to financial freedom. It is a short story on things I figured out in order to make my self independent, proud and fearless.

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The purpose in wave surfing is not to stand up on the board, but rather catching the wave.


To be short, this is what this intro about:

As hard as it is – you must find the one thing you are 

  1. Interested in;
  2. Think you can be good at (not necessarily know about);
  3. Has some future (optional).


*Disclaimer – this is a non-motivational post. It is just as things are.

What Do You Want To Do?

This is the question.

The quest for financial freedom starts with what makes you feel safe.

The thing that if you fall, you know that you can always do and get back to.

That thing is what makes you feel safe – the knowing of something


Successful people know something and they are sure about it. They know the finest details. You can’t catch them with anything. And since nothing is perfect they would know where the flaw is and they would know how to answer it.

What makes you work extra hours, without being tired?

What makes you find more and more thins and get into details?


1,000 Initiatives

Or even more than that – gone to waste.

I can clearly remember myself starting many ideas that I had in mind:

  • Micro investment company to help people who don’t have much to invest;
  • Online market place to help small businesses;
  • Travel assistance guide for close things next to your place;
  • Mobile apps agency;
  • Advertising company;
  • Online network;
  • Last-minute hotel rooms reservation app.
  • and many more ( more than 993 ).

It was “great” seeing all succeeded by other people.


1,000 Reasons Why It Didn’t Work

I can’t really count the times I was speaking to friends about new initiatives I had in mind and how we can start.

I think that in 70% we didn’t make it to the second meeting;

20% fell in the last few weeks; the last ten percent were due to one fact (that you can relate to the other 90%) and that I wasn’t focused. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

So, for the first few ideas – I just didn’t meet the right people. “It will not work” and “it is already done”.

I really believed in this product and actually needed it when I was traveling abroad.

At that time I didn’t feel confident enough to keep chasing my idea and meet other people who can help me through, nor had a partner to support this initiative.

And Some More

If to judge by other ideas – I started without a plan; without a complete picture how it all starts and how it will end.

An idea is nothing without the complete planning of how it all works together. How you can


I was afraid someone will take my ideas.

Really? first mistake – on the contrary, you should tell your idea to everyone.

Anyway, taking an idea doesn’t mean that they can make it as they don’t have the oomph and vision to go with the obstacles ahead.

My online marketplace fell because it didn’t have a good story to the end-user (I had a great initiative for the stores – but the whole picture for the customer was an issue). I could have saved so much money if I had just share it with professionals.


Rest of my ideas failed from the simple fact that I just didn’t want to do it. I had no interest in them and it was from the pure reason I thought I could make some money out of it. As sad as it sounds.

You don’t have to know anything about what you are about to do; If you are passionate about it than most probably that you can have an advantage over people with experience or bad experience. And you don’t need to make things that you don’t like. It just doesn’t make you feel safe nor happy.


So, How To Find What I want to do?

Baz Luhrmann, in his ‘Sunscreen Song‘, mentioned that “some of the most interesting 40-year-olds still don’t” (know what to do with their lives).

I think that you just need to start. Here is a nice post I read about it.

Next chapter I will explain further.


Is Financial Freedom Possible?


You can see it all around you.

It is, and it is a matter of mind a state.

Let me guide you through.


Last chapter

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