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Soho’s Portfolios – Carl Icahn

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Soho’s Portfolios – Carl Icahn
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Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn, Founder Icahn Capital Management is an American businessman and #73 on Forbes billionaires’ list.

Under Soho’s Investors Section we will follow up on leading investors performance.

So, Carl Icahns trading history

(*based on form 4)

Company NameLast Transaction DateHolding ValueLast Transaction Amount
EGN, Energen Corp.Aug 15, 2018$545,693,073$70,831,561
CVRR, CVR Refining.Aug 01, 2018$2,562,397,379$0
LNG, Cheniere Energy, Inc.Jun 29, 2018$1,597,570,962$584,370,000
IEP, Icahn Enterprises.Jun 21, 2018$11,476,133,436$284,268,837
HLF, Herbalife.May 31, 2018$1,693,044,164$552,129,060
TPCA, Tropicana Entertainment Inc.Apr7, 2018$1,463,858,615$95,477,040
XRX, Xerox Corp.Feb 07, 2018$636,410,090$4,550,357
SD, SandRidge Energy Inc.Nov 22, 2017$3,384,235$20,547,827

CryptoSoho’s Check

Carl Icahn‘s Performance in the past 1 year
  • Profitable transactions: 72% (175 out of 242).
  • Average return: +30.7% (Avg. return per transaction).
*Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice and past performances are not indicative for future results. The target of this articles series is to give information and show trends in investment, thus all investment actions should be responsible and rely on many factors. Please invest smartly.

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