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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Presales for June 2023

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September cannot undo what July has done. An ancient farmer’s maxim states that given the topic of this post is the coin launch or the top 14 token presales, we should adhere to it. All the information you want on the top 10 cryptocurrency presales. How to find the finest Bitcoin presales and where crypto launches take place.

You can learn which cryptocurrency presales are still open in this post, as well as which coins you shouldn’t ignore any time soon.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Presales 

This is a brief summary for you that was put together from the top 14 cryptocurrency presales of 2023. Some of the cryptocurrencies listed here for pre-sale have already launched, while others will soon become tokens. The article has further details on each of the different initiatives.

  1. Wall Street Memes: A brand-new meme with the most following
  2. Meme coin maker AiDoge with AI function
  3. The AI-powered tool yPredict may increase earning potential
  4. launchpad XYZ: An AI experiment focused on Web3
  5. Innovative Vote-to-Earn idea in the meme coin space: Love Hate Inu
  6. DeeLance is the first platform for Web3 freelancers
  7. Recycle-to-earn eco-crypto solutions are being revolutionized by Ecoterra
  8. RobotEra, a new cryptocurrency game with a P2E/PVP metaverse built on the ETH Blockchain
  9. Everyone may invest in real estate with Metropoly
  10. Pikamoon is a Pokémon-inspired meme-based coin with a thriving community

Coin launch in June 2023: Cryptocurrency presales

The next ranking of our ICO list in 2023 includes thorough information on the project and the crypto presale or coin presale. These are by no means the only upcoming Crypto Launches. You must first discover the new cryptocurrencies you want to invest in. So-called ICO lists for 2023, which are widely available on the internet, are useful. These are the 14 finest token presales.

Wall Street memes

Wall Street Memes is revolutionary new cryptocurrency presales initiative that began on May 25th. There are 2 billion WSM tokens available, with half of them scheduled for pre-sale. Although the WSM token serves no purpose, it seeks to legitimize meme culture and is backed by the massive meme movement.

If you’re searching for a meme currency with promise, we propose WSM, which some experts believe might be the next $PEPE. Just minutes after the pre-sale began, $100,000 had been raised, indicating a positive Wall Street Memes forecast.

Yet there are no inexperienced individuals behind the idea, since the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection from 2021 was likewise sold out in a matter of minutes. We now aim to build on our achievements. If you want to purchase Wall Street memes, you better do it soon since the price will rise over time. You will need ETH, USDT, or BNB to make the purchase, or you may use your credit card.

Wall Street Memes aspires to create a meme currency that is accessible to everyone and breaks down financial boundaries. Elon Musk retweeted the currency, which helped it gain a lot of support and confidence. As a result, the project may be trusted, and a long-term investment may be profitable.


Memes, as successful communication and engagement tools, highlight the necessity of engaging and current material in the bitcoin field. AiDoge describes itself as the first AI-supported meme platform, using artificial intelligence to produce high-quality, relevant, and timely memes.

To acquire credits for meme production, the site uses the AI token as its primary currency.

AiDoge fosters a thriving community via staking by paying stakers with credits and offering a public wall for meme sharing and voting. This wall will display the most recent memes generated by the community, and the most popular creators will be rewarded with AI tokens.

The AI coin is important to the AiDoge ecosystem and serves a variety of tasks. This includes purchasing credit for meme creation, staking to obtain daily credit rewards, and other perks, including voting and prizes for community members who actively engage in meme creation and rating.

Investing in AI Token seems promising, with a total quantity of 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) tokens and an initial exchange price of $0.00003360. The market value at launch is a massive $29,800,000, and the project’s inexpensive pricing and enormous potential make it worthwhile to invest in AiDoge early on.


yPredict is an ecosystem that includes AI and machine learning, as well as specialists, finance quants, and traders. Through a membership, consumers have access to data-driven insights, proven analytics metrics, and anticipated market trends. This data is based on cutting-edge financial forecasting algorithms and indicators, as well as real-time alternative data, to maximize trading choices.

With yPredict, financial data specialists may charge a monthly membership fee for the findings and signals produced by their prediction models. The platform also functions as a marketplace, offering model predictions as a service. This enables professionals to use their knowledge without having to deal with trade procedures or find a market for their prediction models.

The platform’s key features include a marketplace, trading tools, a trading terminal, and staking pools with high APY%.

YPRED is a Polygon Matic blockchain-based coin with tremendous uses and staking opportunities in an ever-growing liquidity pool. Each new platform subscription adds to this pool, keeping the APY% stable and appealing.

Users of yPredict not only get free access to the site, but they can also participate in yPredict’s staking pools and earn lucrative APY%.



Many individuals find the Web3 world to be perplexing and intimidating since it demands a certain amount of technical ability to participate. Launchpad facilitates this access by giving a centralized location to locate intriguing games, invest in outstanding projects, and maintain control over your assets – all while remaining decentralized.

There are various platforms that only provide a limited view of the Web3 ecosystem. Our objective is to become the primary gateway where individuals can locate goods and platforms that fit their interests and engage with them in the most efficient manner possible.

Launchpad will have its own decentralized exchange where hundreds of asset pairings may be traded. Later versions will have chosen, restricted permanent contracts. Traders may lower their trading costs by staking $LPX.

Launchpad will also host Web3-Presale projects, letting users to find the most promising new utility tokens while also evaluating current market trends and historical performance of different industry sectors. By directing the cryptocurrency presales to Launchpad, customers may deposit their tokens straight to their Launchpad Web3 wallets, making the transaction more safe.

Love-Hate Inu

The first quarter of 2023 concludes with a true gem among new currency offerings. Today, investors may purchase Love Hate Inu and take advantage of the low presale costs. The cryptocurrency hopes to transform the industry of online surveys. To do this, the project’s team depends on blockchain technology and a novel vote-to-earn approach.

Vote-to-earn is ultimately about bringing the community together and rewarding especially engaged members. Individuals interested in participating in the prizes may use their Love Hate Inu tokens in the platform’s staking program. Users may then engage in surveys to earn more coins for their efforts.

Early backers, in particular, may acquire the LHINU token for 0.000085 USDT during the initial presale period. Prices gradually escalate during the cryptocurrency presales, culminating in a price of 0.000145 USDT. As a consequence, our Love Hate Inu prediction suggests that there will be appealing entry price for potential cryptocurrency presales.


DeeLance is the world’s first decentralized Web3 freelancer platform, revolutionizing how freelancers engage with prospective employers. The platform is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the development of long-term partnerships. The DLANCE token may be used to do business on its own NFT marketplace.

DeeLance would want to bring assistance to freelancers who are battling with exorbitant costs, even up to 30%, from intermediaries by paying just 2% of the fees here. The smart contracts provide payment security; this works swiftly and perfectly with the DLANCE token. Using the built-in NFT capability, clients take ownership of the work that the freelancer provides. 

DeeLance provides a chance for investors who are hesitant to acquire cryptocurrencies during a bad market to purchase tokens at a reduced cost while they still can. If the project’s events go as planned, it might create tremendous profits for investors who take advantage of the present low price.


Ecoterra is a ground-breaking initiative that aims to transform the Recycle2Earn idea into Ecoterra, a cutting-edge, eco-friendly cryptocurrency. Ecoterra’s Recycle2Earn incentive scheme encourages people and businesses to take action on climate change, ultimately preventing it.

Using blockchain technology, Ecoterra has established a Web3 ecosystem of recycling, carbon offsetting, and the circular economy. Tokens from Ecoterra may be won for each item recycled with them. Ecoterra tokens may be held, used, or spent for a variety of ecological activities.

The first phase of the Ecoterra presale has begun, with early investors able to acquire the token for $0.01 apiece. Being one of the most exciting initiatives to hit the crypto market this year, the cryptocurrency has both immediate and long-term growth potential. Purchasing Ecoterra might suddenly be incredibly profitable. Purchases may be made on the project’s website using ETH, USDT, or a credit card.


Metropoly, often known as METRO, is a new enterprise that intends to change real estate investing with its original idea. This novel strategy differs from the typical investment model in that instead of waiting 60 days to acquire a property, Metropoly allows you to do it in only 20 seconds. Metro will serve as a link between investments, providing investors with access to a variety of equities.

The residential real estate market is now rising at a rate of 5% per year through 2030, making Metro even more appealing. Metropoly will aim to provide small investors with the opportunity to invest as little as $100 USD. The NFT market is mostly focused on major, quickly rising cities such as London, New York, and Dubai.

Metro is presently on pre-sale and may be acquired at a low price. There are various ways to make money using METRO, such as holding, staking, or passive income. CertiK and Solidproof have successfully confirmed the token, and it is tax-free. A positive Metropoly prognosis is likewise to be predicted, and if you have chosen to purchase METRO, you may do so simply on the project’s website.


The RobotEra token has swiftly emerged as the most popular investment choice for 2022. The pre-sale has recently begun, and the TARO coin price in the first pre-sale phase is $0.020. The RobotEra forecast is also quite promising in the long run, since the project offers several applications for the in-house TARO Coin and multiple methods to make money inside this metaverse.

Players in the RobotEra Metaverse may buy NFT lots and then enhance them with buildings and infrastructure. Robot NFT pets are completely upgradeable and customizable, and players may retain or sell them on the open market. Land choices are almost limitless, and RobotEra includes an in-game editor that enables users to choose how their land is utilized. As a result, dynamic landscapes and much more may be produced without the need for scripting.

Players may charge admission fees for events such as concerts or museums, as well as sell advertising space to businesses. Moreover, the Metaverse land may be mined for resources, and players can earn TARO by controlling isolated continents.

The native TARO token may be utilized for passive revenue via staking, but it also grants voting and management rights inside this decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).


Pikamoon is an NFT metaverse game in which players may earn money by playing. Gamers gather little monsters to battle against other Pikaverse players. The game’s metaverse, the Pikaverse, is organized into four regions: water, earth, fire, and electrical.

Each location in the Pikaverse has its own set of Pikamoon creatures created by the gods of that region. Gamers then spend the in-game token $Pika to purchase health, power-ups, weapon upgrades, land, and other items in the marketplace.

This enables users to fulfill quests, missions, and other tasks. Pikamoon’s core team is commemorating the project’s debut with a generous lottery of Pikamoon tokens ($Pika) for early adopters. While waiting for the Pikamoon cryptocurrency presales to begin, you have a chance to win a portion of $100,000 in Pikamoon tokens.

Token ICO launch

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a kind of investor acquisition. That is, a cryptocurrency initiative wishes to generate funds for a future project based on blockchain technology. In the “everything is possible” crypto realm, there are also laws and institutions. In cryptocurrency presales, the projects typically adhere to three predefined structures:

  • Static Offer and Static Pricing: The project’s parameters (limits) are predetermined.
  • Dynamic Price/Static Offer: The project’s financing objective is dynamic, which means that the amount of cash raised in the ICO will decide the overall price per token.
  • Dynamic Offer/Static Pricing: This indicates that the offer is determined by the amount of funds received.

ICO stands for Initial Public Offering (initial public offering). The following are the main points:

  • Depositing funds for a future (typically crypto) project is a standard process.
  • Coins produced, similar to IPOs, may also be helpful for software services or goods.
  • There are also “bad apples” in this situation, which is why this kind of investment is inherently dangerous.
  • This kind of investment is not suitable for beginners or inexperienced investors due to the extraordinarily high risk. A thorough understanding of the bitcoin business is a must!
  • During cryptocurrency presales, you need cryptocurrencies as payment.
  • The majority of cryptocurrency presales are not under control. Investors must use extreme prudence and attention.

Where can I locate the greatest cryptocurrency presales?

It is ineffective without a fundamental grasp of the decentralized financial system. If you want to engage in the finest cryptocurrency presales, do a comprehensive study. The more knowledge you have, the better prepared you will be. Here are some suggestions from us on how to get information.

Brands and research initiatives

Cheers to worldwide networking. Nowadays, almost every organization has an internet presence. If you have properly enlightened yourself, or maybe just learned, that your favorite companies’ cryptocurrency presales or coin presale is coming, a little more in-depth study and perhaps one or two visits to their websites can assist.

Conclusion: Cryptocurrency Presales in June 2023

Backing fresh and interesting ideas is a positive thing in and of itself. Yet, since this is about online financial transactions and not merely the next level of Tetris, you should have sufficient expertise and time to cope with the subject of cryptocurrency presales. Because you can’t do it here without research. People who are serious about investing in new crypto should be aware of the warning indications.

So, sadly, not just excellent “projects” are circling the net, and the chance of going out of business as a complete loss is significantly greater than with “regular” DeFi transactions.

You are not only vulnerable to global market volatility, but you must also consider the possibility that behind the promised crypto project is simply a phony company looking to benefit itself with your money.

Wall Street Memes is our advice, and we’d like to get you closer to the finish. Starting is simple, and Wall Street Memes predict that this meme concept will be prevalent in society in the future.

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